Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just a Few Things I Would Like. . .

Some works and some artists speak to you on a spiritual, visceral level. Some are just "kindred spirits" that touch your heart and become a part of who you are. There are works that never become old no matter how many times you see them. Some that I know I would have to spend a lifetime with to stop being surprised by beauty. Well, in that spirit, here are just birthday presents I wish I had received:

Kazimir Malevich  White on White

Bernini Pluto and Persephone

Robert Rauschenberg Bed

Caravaggio Madonna di Loreto

Titian Danae
Velazquez The Rokeby Venus
Wonderfully beautiful works!


  1. Very effective stylization of the attractive woman, absorbed in her sewing. Nice flowing purple cloth leading into the
    distance. Quite different, and somehow the same, as this woman resting from her sewing in a sunny garden, painted
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